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  • Taylor McAllister

Women's Gift Guide Under $45

As promised, my favorite gifts this year from the perfect stocking stuffer to under the tree...




Stocking Stuffers:

Reusable straws just make

everything taste better.

I'm absolutely convinced of this and

you can't change my mind.

This hand frother can blend ANYTHING!

I use it for every drink now and I

can't remember life mixing with a spoon.

Two options that will sure-fire hold

your hair in place while also

looking so cute!

Blue-light glasses have saved

me so many headaches, literally!

They have a ton of color options for any of

your loved ones who are looking

at a screen all day.

As a friend, I'm telling you that you

have hair on your face. Go be a

good friend and tell your friends they

do too. I have these babies in my car, purse,

and bathroom. You never know

when you'll need them!

Best face self-tanning drops in

the game! Mix a couple drops into

your moisturizer and you're golden.

No pun intended.

For the self-care lover in

your life. I mean don't we all need a vibrating

massaging facial tool at this

point in 2020? This one works great

and doesn't break the bank.

I think we can all agree

that the massive black rubber band

on our Apple watch can single-handedly

ruin a good outfit. This dainty

leather band comes in SO many colors

and can help us stay cute and health conscious.

If I had a penny for how many

times I've mixed up my Airpods with

someone else's! A cute case is the

problem solver and these come in

a pack of two, so winning!

You will never buy another pair

of no-show socks after

you try these. Stance socks

are the BEST! I even wear these bad

boys when I workout and they stay put.


Under the tree:

If you have a nail-obsessed loved

one they NEED this to save them

some serious $! A gel light was

one of the best investments I've made!

Another self-care goodie that makes

for a super fun gift under the tree! I'm not

sure if giving this gift or extracting

blackheads is more satisfying.

The Lululemon align dupe and

everyone knows it! I'd act fast on these

before the variety of colors run out this holiday season.

See for yourself in the reviews!

The Lululemon dupe #2. Not as soft as

the align tank, but looks just as good.

I may end up owning every color

of this tank and I will not feel

bad about it.

Say goodbye to your knives forever.

I'm serious this chopper has saved me

HOURS in the kitchen! It is hands down

my most favorite kitchen tool.

Ok so this is my second favorite.

I just get happy when I batch cook

waffles for my 3 year old and can pop a frozen

one of these perfectly sized waffles into my

toaster. Imagine this with a yummy waffle

recipe attached for a gift? So cute! Comes

in a ton of different colors and even shapes.

Unsure why Amazon had to choose

a shirtless hairy man chest to model this

running belt but let's just ignore it because it's a

quality belt for an AMAZING price.

Any runner you know will love this!

I would not be your personal

trainer if I didn't throw in some workout

equipment on here! Let's be real, life isn't going

back to normal any time soon so we may as

well make our home gyms rock.

Foam rolling is one of the most

inexpensive ways to get the BEST recovery

after a workout. It also looks super cute

wrapped under the tree!

This is one of my favorite finds

of 2020! We played this lawn game multiple

times a night on our family vacation and

immediately came home and bought our own set.

Another super fun family-friendly

game! This one like the one above is

also great for all ages.

As you already know by now

I love a straw. These aren't as quality

as a Hydro Flask but it's a fraction of the price

and I've had mine for years and

it's lasted amazing! It also comes in a

ton of cute colors and patterns.

This was on Oprah's Favorite Things

of 2020 and it immediately caught my eye.

How is it so cute and so affordable?

I'm very into the belt-bag

trend happening right now and this

color works in every season! It's also

Vera Bradley so we know it's great quality.

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